02 June 2018

How to keep your study desk spacious and stylish: Stationary Box!

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog. Last Saturday I went on my annual 'Back to School' shopping spree- also known to me, and other stationary addicts, as a mission to pick up the 'cutest' and most 'photogenic' items (preferably matching my studygram feed) that would leave me feeling prepped (but still practical) come September. As part of my 'Back to School' shop, I made sure to look in TKmaxx- home of the most adorable but affordable notebooks, what else does a stationary addict live for? As I approached the homeware and stationery section of the store, I couldn't help but catch a glimpse of a shelf, neatly packed with piles of brightly patterned, decorative storage boxes. That's where I picked up (along with plenty of other pretty things for September) my stationary box.

I decided to purchase this cute and handy box as a method of decluttering my desk of essential as well as miscellaneous items, storing them in a stylish but easily accessible fashion. I decided to share this idea with you guys as I know it can be difficult to save space on your desk with mountains of work, notebooks etc whilst also keeping your desk as a comfortable and organized work space. 

So what do I keep in my stationery box? You can keep anything you want in there from random bits and bobs to the most vital work items in need of a new home. Personally, I like to store things such as mini note pads, sticky notes, frequently used washi tape and flash cards. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Feel free to leave a comment down below, make sure to follow my blog or studygram to remain up to date with my posts. 

Have a nice day, Love Lulu Xx

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