24 June 2018

Review Urban Decay Hi-Fi Shine Ultra Cushion Lipgloss: Midnight Cowgirl

Hi there and welcome back to my blog! I recently took a trip down to the lovely Covent Garden, one of my favourite areas in London, for a cheeky shopping spree. After wandering round and collecting plenty of shopping bags along the way, I found myself passing the Urban Decay store and couldn’t resist a look around. Needless to say within five minutes of taking a ‘look around’ I’d already headed straight to the till with a new product in hand: The Hi-Fi Shine Ultra Cushion Lipgloss in the shade Midnight Cowgirl. 

For me, a trusty lipgloss is always a must, I’m constantly looking for a high shine and long lasting bit of lippy to pop in my bag for the day. After buying this product a few weeks ago, I’m happy to say that I’ve been using it everyday since.

Aside from the gorgeous shade of this lipgloss, a cross between a coral pink and brown nude with a golden shimmer running through, one of my favourite things about this product is how it glides onto the lips so comfortabley. Although this lipgloss could do with a little more staying power, it definitely isn’t too tacky, sticky or smeary as some lipglosses tend to be. The overall colour pay off is amazing and it is perfect for everyday use. For now I feel I’d really have difficulty finding another product to beat it! 

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17 June 2018

OOTD: Weekend at The Savoy

Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog. 
Where do I begin? I guess I'll start this post by saying that last weekend was truly fabulous. I took a visit to London with the rest of my family in celebration of my Grandparents 60th wedding anniversary at the oh so fancy Savoy Hotel. Not only did a venue so incredible as the Savoy make this event one to be remembered, but being surrounded with all my family and such amazing grandparents (who have been married for 60 YEARS...an insane milestone) meant every moment was one to be treasured. Needless to say, since arriving back at school this week I haven't stopped wishing I could do it all over again! However, with particularly special occasions always comes the pressure of wanting to look our absolute best. So when an invitation to the Savoy came through the post at the beginning of this year I have to be honest that one of my first thoughts was indeed: 'what the hell am I going to wear?' 
After months of scrolling through ASOS, tearing through numerous clothes racks and visiting almost every high street store imaginable, finally a trusty visit to the haven that is ZARA saved my outfit once and for all. 
As you can see in the pictures above, I wore a pair of three-quarter length wide leg trousers from ZARA. I'd also like to add how comfy and non-restrictive these were, which is a must when your spending the entire day in an outfit and eating a very large (but very delicious) three-course meal. The main aspect of my outfit was a subtly embroidered jacket, with ruffled sleeves and colourful stitching patterned horizontally across the jacket. The jacket was once again from ZARA, which I wore with a plain white vest body underneath. I accessorised this outfit with a slim lilac clutch designed by Lulu Guinness, this was super handy for keeping essentials such as my phone, lipgloss etc and also had a contemporary gold zip using the statemented Lulu Guinness lips logo. 
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08 June 2018

Birthday Celebrations

Hi and welcome back to my blog. For those of you who didn't know, on the 7th June I celebrated my 17th birthday- Wooohooo! I want to open this post by saying how grateful I was and still am to have celebrated this day with my nearest and dearest- family, friends etc. I can't believe all the thoughtful and very generous gifts I received. I hate to sound cliche with these often sappy disclaimers but I genuinely wasn't expecting this much and definitely don't deserve it so thank you. 

Now, where do I begin? I guess I'll properly kick off this post by mentioning that my 17th was a pretty chill event, there was no HUGE party or anything which was exactly how I wanted it to be. Nothing better than a relaxing day with family and lots of birthday cake. I was also lucky enough to receive some special gifts and surprises which, of course, I'll be discussing throughout the post. Earlier this year myself and a bunch of friends booked a festival for the summer. My parents said they would pay for me and that this would be given as my main birthday gift. This gift is probably the most exciting as I usually find the best presents don't always come gift wrapped with a bow on top, but sometimes in the form of an experience. The festival takes place at the end of August (so keep your eyes peeled for a few festival themed posts) and I'm attending on a weekend ticket- literally can't wait! Another generous gift I received from my parents was to get some new and much-needed highlights in my hair. As you can imagine my frizzy, dull and mousy brown mop was absolutely dying for a blonde boost and some specialist treatment so I was especially grateful for this present.

On the morning of my birthday, I woke up and honestly didn't expect too much considering the generous presents I'd already been given. However, to my complete surprise, my Mum had got me a new Kindle Fire (7th generation) which I'd recently been saving up for as a keen reader and English Literature student. I was so happy with this gift and spent most of the day setting it up. One of the biggest bonuses has to be that it is perfect for watching netflix in bed, as I found my laptop screen too big and annoying but my iphone screen too small. Perhaps I'll do a post of how I'm getting on with my kindle in a few weeks time in case any of you are interested- if so leave a comment below. 

Next thing I wanted to mention links to the photo above. I received this adorable card from one of my bestest friends along with a gorgeous MAC lipstick in the shade Hot Gossip. My friend had recently visited Austria and picked me up this cute little card that translates to 'All love and good'. I'm honestly in love with this card and its message. I've prioritised a little space for it on my desk, it genuinely brings a smile to my face every time I look up from my laptop. 

Some other gorgeous bits I received included books and clothes from my sisters and other members of the family. My amazing Granny gave me a pair of pretty silver Pandora heart studs as well a super cute makeup bag from Lulu Guinness filled with Estee Lauder makeup that I can't wait to try out. I also received a beautiful pair of rose gold-plated hoops that I haven't stopped wearing since I got them and probably won't for a long while yet!

The final part of my birthday celebrations that I've been wanting to mention is my meal out to the Ivy Brasserie. The day before my 17th, Mum and I headed out for a fancy lunch out where I enjoyed the most insane burger and these amazing Zucchini fries (my mouth is literally watering thinking about them right now- if anyone reading this ever goes to The Ivy I would definitely recommend). We also  ordered the most refreshing (and photogenic) drinks called 'English Spritz', a mix of prosecco watered down with grapefruit juice which needless to say also tasted delicious. After our wonderful meal, I spent the rest of the day shopping before driving back home to snuggle up for another episode of Love Island. Perfect. 

(English Spritz...so good, wish I had one with me right now) 

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04 June 2018

Fun and simple summer picnic! (with super super cute stuff from Tiger)

Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog. If you live pretty much anywhere in the UK you'll be more than aware that once the sun comes out you've gotta make the most of it because it probably won't be here to stay. Fortunately, the weather hasn't appeared as grizzly and gross as usual, so what better way is there to spend your time than out in the sun with family, friends and a bunch of your favourite summer snacks? Alas, picnic season has arrived! Ew, I know that sounds kind of cringey but its basic custom for most Brits that once there is like a single ray of sun pretty much every family belts to the nearest park or green and keeps their fingers crossed that it doesn't rain. Though I've got to admit- who doesn't enjoy a good picnic That's why I decided to head out this half term with my lil' sister to enjoy a small, simple but equally fun picnic (also including some SUPER cute bits from Tiger as I'm far too extra to be satisfied with an old rug and call it a 'picnic'). 

So obviously no picnic can go ahead without food (duh...I'm so sorry for putting all these random brackets in, I haven't been writing enough recently and I'm literally dying when I read back anything I've written, anyway, this is getting too long now so I'll just shut up- byeeee) so my sister and I felt fancy and thought we'd go for Marks and Spencers, or M&S I dunno (lol, once again, its a bit more extra than your average shop at Tesco or Aldi). At M&S pretty much all the food is kind of fancy, very tasty and a lil' bit overpriced. Fortunately, my sister and I are quite good at spending on a budget and basically picked up your average picnic food e.g. crisps, strawberries, raspberries other finger food like sausage rolls, scotch eggs etc. Seeing as we were opting for a 'simple' picnic we didn't bother with any homemade dishes in one of those big (but cute) wicker baskets, as we were catering just for two and were having to walk around all day anyway so we only packed lightly. However, if you find yourself planning a picnic with a bunch of friends or want to save money I think it's just as tasty to pack some of your favourite homemade snacks, sandwiches, drinks, or whatever you feel like- go all out! 

However, before settling down to enjoy our food we decided we couldn't resist a visit to Tiger which had recently released a range of adorable picnic crockery. We decided to pick up two plastic plates with smiling sunshine faces which you can see in the picture above. We also purchased two glass cups with a bright yellow lemon printed on the front to drink our blood orange lemonade from, also from Tiger and very delicious. 

Finally, here is a selfie of myself and my little sister which we took to mark the occasion (excuse my ugly squinting). I'm honestly so glad we decided to make the best of the good weather, I felt so blessed to spend some quality time with my gorgeous sister and can't wait to do it again! 

Love Lulu Xx  

03 June 2018

My favourite MAC lipsticks for School!

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog! Before I go out, I always make sure to throw some kind of lip product into my bag so I can add a pop of colour or some moisture to my lips throughout the day. But when it comes to school you sometimes have to reign in on the more vibrant or eye-catching shades, as they may be deemed 'inappropriate' for school or uniform regulations. As this is the case in my school, I avoid getting pulled aside for my makeup by opting for my favourite neutral shades in my MAC lipstick collection. 

#1 Brave- Brave is a pink nude with a deep beige running through, it's definitely the darkest shade out of my top three picks but it looks absolutely gorgeous during those autumnal months, gliding perfectly onto the lips with a satin finish. 

#2 Cosmo- Cosmo is a red-beige nude, also supplying the lips with a pinky lustre and creamy finish. Cosmo is an amplified lipstick with a bold colour pay off whilst still looking respectfully neutral.

#3 Shanghai Spice- Shanghai Spice is a frosted nude pink, with a slight coral undertone. It has a comforting feel, with a smooth glide. Shanghai Spice is a cremesheen lipstick with a balmy formula and semi gloss finish.

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How to stay focused and fabulous!


Hey guys, happy September 1st! As this month opens its arrival can often seem dreary, as September presents the summer holidays end, the inevitability of dull and chilly weather (especially if you live in the UK) along with the pressure of fast approaching mock exam season- this time of year means saying goodbye to summer bliss has never been harder. :( It can be difficult to settle back into school life after having a long six-week rest, which is why I've decided to create a post on how to stay focused and fabulous this September, so you can set off on the right track for this academic year. 


Whilst this tip may be easy to ignore, you'll never seem focused or fabulous with those dark rings under your eyes because you decided to do a Netflix binge the night before (we've all been there...) School work can be tiring at the best of times, so you definitely won't be thanking yourself for skipping out on sleep when you're instructed to complete a series of essay's and all you want to is flop your head on the desk (not a good look.) It's essential to have a minimum of 8 hours sleep if you wish to stay fresh faced, alert and ready to learn! 

#2 Water and Fresh air...

These are two things I definitely need to increase my daily intake of this September! Sometimes it's the little things such as always keeping hydrated or spending 10 minutes out in the fresh air that can improve our overall performance and mood. You could do something as simple as taking a brisk walk outside as a break from your study routine, or making sure to keep topped up on water by taking a drink to your desk when you get home from school or by your bedside table before you go to sleep. 

#3 To do list's and timetables

Organisation is a key element to success, which is why it's essential to create thorough and fool proof time tables and to do lists as a method of ensuring all work is completed. Taking this tip on board will mean you won't ever feel swamped with work as you can pace yourself and always remain one step ahead. 

#4 Keeping a Journal/Diary 

It's important to pay attention to our feelings and mindset, a way of keeping track of your thoughts and emotions is through keeping a journal or diary. You can set aside some time for yourself to document recent events, how you're doing or anything you feel like writing about. I like to keep a positivity journal, where I write one thing each day that makes me feel happy or motivated. 

#5 Getting creative

Why not spend this month creating something, share some time with yourself and others making something fun. You could organize a club or start a new project: Bake, draw, sew/knit- even start a blog?

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NARS- Blush/Bronzer Duo Review

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog! During the course of my summer holidays, I've made many trips to one of my favourite beauty & cosmetic store's- the one and only: 'Sephora'. Despite picking up (too) many products during my Sephora spree's, I've decided to review the NARS blush/bronzer duo as it's been something I've wanted to try out for a particularly long time, I was so happy when I finally managed to pick it up. So without further ado, let's continue with the rest of the post...

First things first: 'packaging', whilst it's important to remember that it is what's inside that counts, sometimes a product's packaging can be a make or break as to whether it becomes one of your daily essentials or is thrown into the rest of your unused makeup collection, never to be seen again. The great thing about the NARS Blush/Bronzer duo is that its slick, compact packaging makes it so easy to throw in your handbag so you can top up throughout the day. Another feature of this product's packaging that makes it so practical is that it includes its very own mirror- one less thing you have to remember when rushing out the door!

This duo includes the famous Laguna and Orgasm Blush-such a gorgeous combination, no true beauty guru could turn it down. Both the bronzer and blush apply to the brush with such ease without being overly pigmented. The Orgasm blush is a beautiful deep peach colour with subtle gold shimmer running through it, simply gorgeous swiped across the cheekbones. The 'Laguna' bronzer gives an amazing lift and sunkissed look to the face, also with a subtle gold shimmer running through it. This duo looks especially nice during the summer months, where you can enhance that healthy summer glow. 

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02 June 2018

How to keep your study desk spacious and stylish: Stationary Box!

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog. Last Saturday I went on my annual 'Back to School' shopping spree- also known to me, and other stationary addicts, as a mission to pick up the 'cutest' and most 'photogenic' items (preferably matching my studygram feed) that would leave me feeling prepped (but still practical) come September. As part of my 'Back to School' shop, I made sure to look in TKmaxx- home of the most adorable but affordable notebooks, what else does a stationary addict live for? As I approached the homeware and stationery section of the store, I couldn't help but catch a glimpse of a shelf, neatly packed with piles of brightly patterned, decorative storage boxes. That's where I picked up (along with plenty of other pretty things for September) my stationary box.

I decided to purchase this cute and handy box as a method of decluttering my desk of essential as well as miscellaneous items, storing them in a stylish but easily accessible fashion. I decided to share this idea with you guys as I know it can be difficult to save space on your desk with mountains of work, notebooks etc whilst also keeping your desk as a comfortable and organized work space. 

So what do I keep in my stationery box? You can keep anything you want in there from random bits and bobs to the most vital work items in need of a new home. Personally, I like to store things such as mini note pads, sticky notes, frequently used washi tape and flash cards. 

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