01 July 2018

Why embellished heels are an essential for every wardrobe + having the summer legs to pull them off!

Hi and welcome back to my blog! I'm going to kick off this post by saying I can't remember the last time my wardrobe was completely absent of 'embellished' clothing. From season to season this trend has grown: A-line denim skirts with rhinestones stitched across the hem, basic winter jumpers complimented with pearls along the cuffs, every clothing item 'embellished' for that added bit of charm. One high street store that has run with this trend, in particular, is Zara. Since Zara is also a favourite of mine, it is no wonder my wardrobe has become so swamped with embellished tops, jumpers, skirts etc. However, as much as I love a few pearls and beads to jazz up your bog standard bits of clothing, I can't deny that the novelty is beginning to wear off. Similar to the embroidery trend, there is no longer anything 'groundbreaking' about embellished tops or jeans as they are pretty much everywhere. Since the pacey world of fashion centres itself on re-invention, evolvement and finding the next big thing, it is easy for a trend to get very tired very quickly. With all that being said, there has been one item in the mist of this 'embellishment' trend that I believe can remain just as groundbreaking: Embellished shoes or more preferably heels. 

In my opinion, a pair of embellished heels can provide the perfect statement for an otherwise simplistic outfit. For instance, I would pair the shoes I've pictured above with a plain summery shift dress or white co-ord set/cullotes for a pop of texture and colour. The pair of sandal heels I've pictured above are from a super affordable shoe shop called Linzi and I have fallen head over heels for them (excuse the slight pun). The gold heel looks gorgeous against sunkissed legs whilst the embellished jewell flowers along the strap look incredibly classy, giving an iridescent sparkle if the light catches them. 

For me, the only problem that comes with owning a stunning pair of statemented heels such as these is a body confidence issue that some of you may be able to relate to. Whilst I'm dying to show these shoes off over the summer, I've also been dying for ever so many years for that pair of long, slender, naturally, sunkissed legs that strut Victoria Secret catwalks and grace summer T.V. commercials. Unfortunately, I was never blessed with these kind of legs but was given a very pasty prone to goosebump complexion pair of legs instead. As a result, when summer comes around its not long before I'm in Boots searching for the best self-tanning products. Although I do aim and advise others to stay positive and proud in relation to body image- when it comes to my legs I don't see anything wrong with a little bit of product for a confidence boost. This year I'm glad to say that I've never been more happy to get my legs out since frequently using the Sally Hansen Airbrush Leg makeup.

If you are in search of a water-resistant fake tan with a realistic glow, even application and instant results I could not recommend this range more. I'm not at all exaggerating when I say this leg makeup leaves my legs looking completely flawless: no freckles, no veins or any other imperfections that you may feel self-conscious of. The glow and even application of this fake tan form to the natural contours of your legs which creates a far more structured look, making you feel one step closer to those Victoria Secret Angel legs that we all dream of but can't be bothered to do the insane work out for! 

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Lulu Xx