03 June 2018

How to stay focused and fabulous!


Hey guys, happy September 1st! As this month opens its arrival can often seem dreary, as September presents the summer holidays end, the inevitability of dull and chilly weather (especially if you live in the UK) along with the pressure of fast approaching mock exam season- this time of year means saying goodbye to summer bliss has never been harder. :( It can be difficult to settle back into school life after having a long six-week rest, which is why I've decided to create a post on how to stay focused and fabulous this September, so you can set off on the right track for this academic year. 


Whilst this tip may be easy to ignore, you'll never seem focused or fabulous with those dark rings under your eyes because you decided to do a Netflix binge the night before (we've all been there...) School work can be tiring at the best of times, so you definitely won't be thanking yourself for skipping out on sleep when you're instructed to complete a series of essay's and all you want to is flop your head on the desk (not a good look.) It's essential to have a minimum of 8 hours sleep if you wish to stay fresh faced, alert and ready to learn! 

#2 Water and Fresh air...

These are two things I definitely need to increase my daily intake of this September! Sometimes it's the little things such as always keeping hydrated or spending 10 minutes out in the fresh air that can improve our overall performance and mood. You could do something as simple as taking a brisk walk outside as a break from your study routine, or making sure to keep topped up on water by taking a drink to your desk when you get home from school or by your bedside table before you go to sleep. 

#3 To do list's and timetables

Organisation is a key element to success, which is why it's essential to create thorough and fool proof time tables and to do lists as a method of ensuring all work is completed. Taking this tip on board will mean you won't ever feel swamped with work as you can pace yourself and always remain one step ahead. 

#4 Keeping a Journal/Diary 

It's important to pay attention to our feelings and mindset, a way of keeping track of your thoughts and emotions is through keeping a journal or diary. You can set aside some time for yourself to document recent events, how you're doing or anything you feel like writing about. I like to keep a positivity journal, where I write one thing each day that makes me feel happy or motivated. 

#5 Getting creative

Why not spend this month creating something, share some time with yourself and others making something fun. You could organize a club or start a new project: Bake, draw, sew/knit- even start a blog?

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Love Lulu Xx

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