04 June 2018

Fun and simple summer picnic! (with super super cute stuff from Tiger)

Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog. If you live pretty much anywhere in the UK you'll be more than aware that once the sun comes out you've gotta make the most of it because it probably won't be here to stay. Fortunately, the weather hasn't appeared as grizzly and gross as usual, so what better way is there to spend your time than out in the sun with family, friends and a bunch of your favourite summer snacks? Alas, picnic season has arrived! Ew, I know that sounds kind of cringey but its basic custom for most Brits that once there is like a single ray of sun pretty much every family belts to the nearest park or green and keeps their fingers crossed that it doesn't rain. Though I've got to admit- who doesn't enjoy a good picnic That's why I decided to head out this half term with my lil' sister to enjoy a small, simple but equally fun picnic (also including some SUPER cute bits from Tiger as I'm far too extra to be satisfied with an old rug and call it a 'picnic'). 

So obviously no picnic can go ahead without food (duh...I'm so sorry for putting all these random brackets in, I haven't been writing enough recently and I'm literally dying when I read back anything I've written, anyway, this is getting too long now so I'll just shut up- byeeee) so my sister and I felt fancy and thought we'd go for Marks and Spencers, or M&S I dunno (lol, once again, its a bit more extra than your average shop at Tesco or Aldi). At M&S pretty much all the food is kind of fancy, very tasty and a lil' bit overpriced. Fortunately, my sister and I are quite good at spending on a budget and basically picked up your average picnic food e.g. crisps, strawberries, raspberries other finger food like sausage rolls, scotch eggs etc. Seeing as we were opting for a 'simple' picnic we didn't bother with any homemade dishes in one of those big (but cute) wicker baskets, as we were catering just for two and were having to walk around all day anyway so we only packed lightly. However, if you find yourself planning a picnic with a bunch of friends or want to save money I think it's just as tasty to pack some of your favourite homemade snacks, sandwiches, drinks, or whatever you feel like- go all out! 

However, before settling down to enjoy our food we decided we couldn't resist a visit to Tiger which had recently released a range of adorable picnic crockery. We decided to pick up two plastic plates with smiling sunshine faces which you can see in the picture above. We also purchased two glass cups with a bright yellow lemon printed on the front to drink our blood orange lemonade from, also from Tiger and very delicious. 

Finally, here is a selfie of myself and my little sister which we took to mark the occasion (excuse my ugly squinting). I'm honestly so glad we decided to make the best of the good weather, I felt so blessed to spend some quality time with my gorgeous sister and can't wait to do it again! 

Love Lulu Xx  


  1. that photo of you and your sister is so cute. It is lovely you tool advantage of the warm weather. There is nothing better than a summer picnic.

  2. Love this post
    Mónica Sors

  3. Cute post.

  4. Nice post.
    Love your pics.


    1. Thanks so much- spent quite a while editing so I’m glad you liked them Xxx

  5. I love the photo of you and your sister! It is so lovely. I have been to this place and I have to say, I adore the decor and the sweet treats are out of this world. I hope your having a spectacular week :)